The innovative alternative to netwrap

Product Information

Agribale is a net replacement film manufactured using innovative pre-orientated technology.


Tighter, denser bales = more stable bales = easier handling and storage

Complete bale coverage = better air barrier = improved fermentation = better fodder quality

Film&Film System = easy to open = easy to use in the mix wagon

Smooth film surface = no enmeshed forage = no fodder losses

Made of same material as standard bale wrap = easier to remove from bale = easier to recycle 

High quality forage easily transportable in bale format = easy and flexible feeding    

Agribale: Better forage quality plus easier feeding and handling.

Agribale: Replaces netwrap on round bale silage. Agribale can be used on grass silage, maize and sugar beet pulp.

Technical Features

Agribale is supplied on cardboard cores and packed in a protective plastic sleeve. 

Width (mm) Thickness (μm) Length (m) Reels/Pallet
Non-UV Stabilised 
1280 13 2400 20
1280 16 2000 20
1280 16 2000 20
1380 16 2000 20
UV Stabilised 
1380 16 2000 20